EB Netball Drills


Speed/ Agility: Lateral Shuttle

This footwork drill focuses on explosive turns on outside foot to help with change of direction. It can also be made into a fun race with a partner to increase intensity.

Speed/Agility: Wall drill

For this drill you will need a wall and a partner. Here we focus on quick feet and passing accuracy.

Jump/Landing: Directional switch

This drill focuses on jumping and landing while reacting to a directional call. Use this drill as an injury prevention exercise before playing.

Passing: Accuracy using the wall

Simple drill to improve your passing accuracy using some markers and a wall. Increase the distance away from the wall to make it harder.

Shooting: 3 in a row

To set this shooting drill up you need 3 spots (short, medium and long) in 3 different lines. The aim is to get 3 in a row before moving to the next line. Challenge yourself!

Space drill using numbers

This is a drill for intermediate to advanced players to work on creating and finding space. There are a few variations to make it more difficult, but always start simple and build!

Shooting: zig zag

You will need 10 cones, set up in a zig-zag semi circle with 5 close range and 5 medium to long range. Work your way around the zig-zag aiming for 10 in a row!

Speed/Agility: L drill

Set your cones up in a square. Work an 'L' shape making sure you go around the outside of each cone- no cutting corners! Focus on getting your hips right around tho the direction your running and quick little steps.

Passing accuracy for juniors

This passing drill is great for little NetSet-Goers or junior players to help with their accuracy and hitting a target. You will need a hulahoop or similar.

Explosive power: Jumping & landing

Use this drill to help with your landing technique. When you add a ball make sure you are still landing with knees in line with your softly bent. Really explode out of the jump to reach up and get the high pass.

Team space drill: Beat the ball

This drill is suitable for junior players as a way to get them to work together as a team, practice their passing accuracy and run into space.

Shooting under pressure

This drill asks for you to shoot 3 in a row from the same spot before moving on. Challenge yourself & aim for 5 or more if 3 gets too easy. This drill allows you to work on your shooting consistency & ability under pressure.

Defensive Positioning

Fiona Fowler shows us a few different ways of positioning your body in order to get an intercept